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Sunrise and Sunset Clubs

Booking information under review. If you have any queries, please contact Mrs  J Mulligan


Sunrise Club £4.75  From September 2023 the cost will be £5

Sunset Club: £8.50  From September 2023 the cost will be £9

Management team

Manager: Mrs J Mulligan                                                 Email:

Deputy Manager: Mrs C Isherwood


Sunrise and Sunset club aims to provide Great Wood children and families with high quality before and after school provision. We offer a safe, secure, warm and welcoming environment which puts the needs and the welfare of the children at the centre of everything we do. We aim to provide children with enjoyable activities which promote a healthy lifestyle, including time to relax, to take part in physical activities and to build appropriate relationships with children of different ages and staff. We offer children the opportunity to make their own choices including decisions regarding activity planning and menu choices for breakfast and snacks. We complement and support the values of the school and encourage the children to take responsibility for their own behaviour.

Opening times & information

Sunrise Club is open to children from 7:15AM, breakfast is served from 7:15AM – 8:30AM. Children are encouraged to enjoy a healthy breakfast. Breakfast choices include: toast, bagels, croissants with a choice of butter, jam, lemon curd or honey; a choice of cereals and other items such as yogurt and fruit.

Breakfast club finishes at 8.45AM; at this time, a member of the Sunrise staff will take the Reception and KS1 to their classrooms. A member of the Sunrise Club team takes KS2 children to their playground where there is a member of school staff.

Sunset Club is open to children from the end of school until 5:45PM. Children in Reception and KS1 are collected from their classrooms and children in KS2 make their own way via the main entrance to the club at the back of the school.

At Sunset Club we offer children a healthy snack, available from 3:30PM until 4:00PM. Snack includes a carb-based item along with a choice of fruit. Water and fruit is freely available to children throughout the session. Children are welcome to help themselves to snack and encouraged to prepare it themselves; for example, buttering their own crumpet and pouring their own water. Children are also encouraged to wash their own cup and plate after snack.

Various activities are available during Sunrise and Sunset Club including, craft activities, board games, small world play, whiteboard games, and group games. Children also have access to the outside where they can enjoy activities such as football, skipping, table tennis, cricket, and other ball and group games. Children are encouraged to contribute ideas of things they would like to do when they come to the club and, where possible, ideas will be included in the planned activities

Drop off / Pick up

When dropping off your child at Sunset Club please enter school through the main entrance gate and then make your way round to the clubs designated entrance at the back of the school. Please knock and wait for a member of staff to let you in. We ask that all parents accompany their child in to the club to help to build up relationships between parents and staff. There are pegs next to the door for your child’s belongings and parents are asked to encourage your child to leave everything together on a peg to help club staff ensure your child takes all of their belongings through to class. A member of Sunrise Club staff will register your child and once this is completed, you can leave your child in our care.

If you have any written messages for our staff or anything you would like us to pass on to your child’s teacher, please speak to member of staff.

When collecting your child from Sunset Club please enter the school through the main entrance gate and then make your way round to the clubs designated entrance at the back of the school. Please knock and wait for a member of staff to let you in, even if the door is open and children are playing outside. A member of staff will then let your child know you are here to collect them. All of your child’s belongings will be on one of the pegs near to the main door, please check that they have all the correct belongings when leaving.

As the child is signed out, a member of staff will check if there are any messages to pass on from the club or from your child’s teacher.

*NB* If you see your child outside playing please still come into the club as we need to sign them out on the register and you need to check you have all belongings.

Late collection

All children MUST be collected by 5:45PM. If a child is still with us after 5:45PM, a late fee of £10.00 will apply. Please see our payment policy and procedure for further information.


Please note that the schools car park is for the use of employees of the school only. If you have a disability or a young child in a car seat to bring in with you, please speak to the Club Manager or Deputy Manager.