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At Great Wood, we ensure all children access to Maths learning.  Children learn to become fluent mathematicians who can recall and apply their mathematical knowledge rapidly and accurately.
Our teaching is rooted in establishing a deep and secure conceptual understanding of Maths through manageable steps. 
Mistakes and misconceptions are embraced and addressed as an essential part of learning to develop confident, resilient mathematicians.     
Varied and sophisticated problems are presented so that children appreciate the relevance and importance of Maths in everyday life.
Embedded within our Maths curriculum are the school’s curriculum drivers of critical thinking, problem solving, adaptability and flexibility, team work and communication.  Children are encouraged to talk about their learning in maths, reason verbally and discuss their methods of calculation. 


Calculation         Times Tables

Progression of Key Learning in Mathematics reviewed spring 2022

  Rec – Y6 Yearly Overviews