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Beyond the Classroom

The outdoor classroom can be used to bring learning alive for many children and we aim where possible to use our spacious grounds and our wood to inspire and stimulate our children. We also aim to utilise the local surrounding community and try to link to local churches, businesses and residents to enhance the curriculum. 

The Wood at Great Wood

In 1985 when local development threatened to encroach and impact one of the few woodland areas of Morecambe, David and Liz Alexander started working with Great Wood School to protect the native copse that gives the school its name. With the conservation volunteers they have recruited, they have greatly supported the schools management of the woodland- for wildlife and so pupils can experience and learn about woodland
life. They have advised and supported the school to develop its grounds beyond the woodland – to meet the needs of the school in a manner that enhances opportunities for wildlife. I am so grateful for their support. David and Liz have helped our reception children growing food and adopting a raised bed at our local Bare Lane Station. Pictures of their work can be found on the projects age at this link.

Year  Five and Year Six Residential

Over-night trips are a great way of building self-confidence and increasing independence as well as allowing children to develop teamwork skills and friendship. We aim to provide our children with a residential experience in Year 6 and give them the opportunity to take part if they wish to do so. For many years the residentials have had exclusive use of the Wastwater or Eskdale Youth Hostels where the children have been well fed and able to enjoy the grounds in the midst of awe-inspiring scenery. As well as challenging physical activities such as rock climbing, kayaking, gorge walking and canoeing, the children have enjoyed a hike and teamwork games. The week is ended with an excursion on a miniature railway.

 Educational Day Visits

First had experience and real life scenarios are hugely beneficial to creating exciting quality learning and we value the role they play in school life. Recently we have visited many different places including:

 We also invite a variety of visitors into our school to help enhance our curriculum. Visitors bring with them a passion for what they do, which can be used positively to support our children’s learning. Recent visitors include


On residential visits charges can be made for board and lodging but, because educational visits or visitors take place during school hours the cost of travel and entry fees etc. have to be met by voluntary contribution. All charges made are ‘at cost’ with no profit made by school. No child will be discriminated against should parents not wish to contribute. However, if sufficient contributions are not made the visit will not take place.

 All our school letters comply with the 1988 Education Act and the Great Wood Charging Policy. Families receiving Income Support or Family Credit may claim remittance for the board and lodging element of any residential trip. If this applies to any family or to agree a payment schedule to suit individual circumstances or need, please see the head teacher. All requests and information given will be treated in the strictest confidence.


We consider the possible risks involved in all school activities including educational visits and take actions to minimise risks. The headteacher is the Educational Visits Coordinator and checks each visit’s risk assessment; the residential and water based activities are also checked by Lancashire County Council. We welcome the support of volunteer adults from our community and the backgrounds of all regular volunteers are checked.