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Finance Education

GW Finance Education Learning Overview R-Y6

Finance Education letter to parents

What is Financial Education?

Financial education is a programme of study that aims to equip young people with the knowledge, skills, and confidence to manage their money well.  High quality teaching ensures helps learners grow to understand: how we acquire money; how we manage and keep money; its role within the wider world and information about salaries, National Insurance and VAT.

Children will learn about the affordability of living, differences between basic needs and wants and will look at global sustainability issues and investigate how consumer choices have an impact on the environment.

The children will also explore their attitude to risk, and become aware of their own behaviour and emotions when making financial decisions. UKS2 children will explore up to date issues and dangers connected to finances including; online subscriptions, gambling and social media pop-ups and money scams.

Additionally, good quality financial education is taught through carefully planned learning opportunities in Maths; either by recognising the value of different coins and notes, calculating with money or in contextual problem solving.

Finance Education Curriculum

Our finance education curriculum is primarily based on materials provided by Coram educational resources. The objectives and key vocabulary for each session are detailed in the tables below, with NC links and key learning for Maths included. The big questions for each year group are included to encourage pupils to think critically, discuss and debate issues relating to financial education and wider global issues such as sustainability and online safety.

All lesson plans can be accessed via the SCARF Coram Education website. Links are provided within this overview and a paper copy can be found in the PSHE folder for each year group.

Additional information about the resources:

Money Sense is an financial education resource for 5–18 year-olds created in collaboration with educational experts, and based on PFEG’s (Personal Finance Education Group) financial education planning frameworks. The programme has been designed to equip young people for real life, developing skills and behaviours they need to manage their money and take control of their futures. The programme is written in collaboration with educational experts, accredited by the Personal Finance Education Group (a part of Young Enterprise), and linked to the curriculum.

Values, Money and Me is a free online resource to teach children valuable life lessons connected to money. The resource uses characters and settings within a `Pride Place Community.’ Through the characters’ lives and dilemmas, we explore their experiences around money and how they feel about it.