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Year 4 Home Learning Information

OneDrive File Sharing Guidance

Autumn Term 2020 Covid Shutdown
Y4 shutdown Wk1 19th October 2020
Y4 Wk 1 The Train To Impossible Places

Summer  Term
Year 4 – Home Learning 13th – 17th July      HT letter for the last Friday
Year 4 – Home Learning 6th – 10th July
Home Learning letter Week 10     English Wk 10 Water Water
RE Lesson 4         RE What is Communion         RE Communion
Home Learning letter Week 9
Lesson 3 Wk 9           Year 4 Wk 9 Water Water
Home Learning letter Week 8 – 15th June
Science – Making Music    RE – interior of a Church     RE – lesson 2
English – The Secret Lake – week 8

Home Learning letter Week 7    Important messages on email
Y4 Wk 7 Inspirational People  Celebratory meal, Lesson 1, Year 4 Christianity.
Lesson Presentation String Telephone(1)
Mayan children playing traditional instruments
‘La chasse à l’ours’

Home Learning letter Week 6
Year4 Wk 6 The World of David Walliams     Year 4 Islam lesson 4
Art week beginning 1      Lesson 4 – The Islamic Idea of God Tawhid and Shirk Powerpoint(1)

Summer Term 1
Home Learning letter Week 5Year4 Wk 5 Fantastic Beasts
Ramadan PowerPoint A            Ramadan PowerPoint B
Ramadan wordsearch              Ramadan mobile

5 Pillars PowerPoint  Home Learning letter Week 4.
Wk 4 The Abominables

Home Learning letter Week 3    Photo Message GW   Week 3 email 
Year 4 Wk 3 Performance Poetry

Home Learning letter Week 2               Wk 2 Y4 English
IXL diagnostic guidance document
Home Learning Letter Wk 1 20.04.20

Y4 ENGLISH Wk 1 The Train To Impossible Places

Y4 Music Summer 2: Mayan Civilisation Music Percussion 
Mayan Civilisation Music (flutes)
Summer 1:
Bird Song Opera
National Anthem of the United states of America
National Anthem of Canada

Mrs Harris reads The French Confection Chapter 1  Chapter 2  Chapter 3  Chapter 4   Chapter 5 part 1    Chapter 5 part 2  Chapter 6
Y4 French Summer 1:
Ça va Song    Comment t’appelles-tu?    Quel âge as-tu?     Count to 12 
Ça ne va pas!         Je suis malade
For captions so you can read the words in French: Computer- make sure CC is clicked. For iPhone Click 3 dots at top left, choose playback settings then select French. For iPad Click 3 dots top left and make captions French.

Learning in Year 4 Spring 2